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Coronavirus update

This page has the latest information about what's happening and what's not at church during COVID.

UPDATED: December 2021

Unfortunately with the new Omicron COVID variant spreading rapidly and uncertainty about the severity of illness it causes, New Life will make a few changes to in-person events for the time being.

  1. Our priority is maintaining an in-person worship option on Sundays. We will continue to invite people to gather. Masks are required for everyone except singers and speakers while on stage. Physical distancing is encouraged. Doors and windows remain open. And singing will be limited.
  2. In-person mid-week events are being evaluated on a week by week basis. For now...
  3. BOOK CLUB (Dec 9) is postponed.
  4. Friday Night (Spanish) Bible Study is postponed until January.
  5. Youth Christmas Party (Dec 18) is TBD.
  6. Christmas Caroling (Dec 19) is TBD.
  7. We will continue to offer Tie Blanket Making and Gift Bag Packing Sundays after morning worship
  8. Spanish Afternoon Worship is postponed until January.

The COVID situation in San Mateo County is stable. The "Delta" Variant of COVID caused problems around the country and cases rose modestly in the Bayarea and San Mateo. However, serious hospital occupancy leveled out and have now declined. Omicron is just beginning to spread in the US. So the jury is still out on how widespread and how severe it is.

Please continue to stay in touch digitally