Coronavirus Updates How to stay connected during 'shelter-in-place' Click here

Coronavirus update

This page will help you stay connected at New Life Community Church during shelter-in-place.

One of the chief difficulties during the Coronavirus / Covid-19 Pandemic has been the isolation because of the need to shelter in place. Here are some weekly opportunities to stay connected with friends at New Life. One of the most effective ways to stay connected all the time is through our two primary social media accounts. These update multiple times a day, but more importantly, through these accounts you can find your friends from church. Check the "likes" and "comments.




1. Our worship services in English at 10:30 and Spanish at 12:30pm are digital only at the moment. The English service premiers on the church Youtube channel at 10:45a every Sunday. Pastor Stewart will be in the chat and comments so you won't watch alone. You can access links on the website. The Spanish Worship broadcasts (sometimes live) at 12:30pm on the Nueva Vida Facebook page.

We also have an in-person Bible study @ 9a on Sundays at church. If the county is in strict COVID protocols, the Bible study takes place outside. If safety allows, we move inside. Either way, masks on, physical distancing observed and fellowship and study enriches our souls.

2. Tuesday Night Guided Prayer and Meditation @ 7pm with Susan.

Susan attends New Life, is a personal coach, and leads a prayer/meditation group. It is structured for folks in 12-step recovery groups, but open to anyone. Through guided imagery, you will have time to pray and to meditate. If you don't know how to meditate or pray, no worries. 

Join the group via Zoom. Email to for ID and Password.

3. Thursday Night Bible Study @ 7pm with Pastor Stewart

Pastor Stewart leads an interactive discussion each week. We are doing a series on enhancing our experience of God. During the shelter-in-place, we are using Zoom. Email to for ID and Password.